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Crazy Lens and ColourVue help emphasize the natural eye color or change it completely. MaxVue created a line of contact lenses with innovative silicone hydrogel material that provides excellent comfort. High quality material and excellent oxidation (up to two times higher than other popular brand of lens color) makes the eyes less tired, and the whites of the eyes remain white. ColorVue contact lenses are designed for light and dark eyes.

ColorVue color lenses allow you to play your own appearance. We can choose a huge range of colors - from the subtle to drastic bright. The line also offers ColorVue contact lenses with patterns that perfectly suits the party, New Year's Eve or Carnival. The offer includes up to 75 patterns! The company has developed new technologies MaxiVue application of color and layering the lens. This makes the colors more visible to the eye and give a natural effect. In the case of patterned lens, the result is visible even in the dark eyes.


From now on, contact lenses production MaxVue help you emphasize your true character!

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