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Extended wear lenses

Extended wear lenses are designed to be worn non-stop, so not removed them for the night, are more technologically advanced and have to comply with stricter standards than lenses designed to be worn only during the day. They are therefore very high-quality, made of a unique material which is not only perfectly impermeable to oxygen and will not affect the natural moisturization disorder of the eye by the tears, but also prevent the lenses from drying out during the night and sticking it to the eyelids.   These lenses are designed for people who lead busy lives and it is embarrassing for them to remember about taking lenses out for a sleep or do not like to do that. They are also chosen by people who take off them for the night, but prefer them to ordinary lenses, because they are higher quality and ensure improved comfort. Before start using the lens 24/7, you should discuss this with your doctor. Sometimes it proves necessary to examine, as in the case of carrying behaves cornea. Hour lens wearers should also stock up on eye drops, because sometimes their use is a necessity.

    IdoSell Trusted Reviews
    4.78 / 5.00 73 reviews
    IdoSell Trusted Reviews
    Fast processing, customer service is very friendly and helpful if there is any problem with the order.
    I have used Mylenshop for a few years now. Service is always good and Customer service is really good (only had to use it once). Lenses are really good and prices are competitive. I had recommended it to my friends and will do so in the future.
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