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Progressive lenses are designed primarily for people who suffer from the so-called. presbyopia, or vision deterioration associated with aging, a problem typically occurs after the age of 50. These lenses that are distinguished from others that are like the glasses, bifocals, so perfectly you can see them both what is in the distance, and objects that are close, so solve the problem of people with vision problems away and near vision. This is possible by the fact that these lenses have two areas of correction - one looks into the distance and the other for what is close. This causes the vision of the lens becomes comfortable after a while, when the wearer gets used to this view, but it is only one small inconvenience.   With these lenses must be handled the same way as with any other: they must be removed at night and properly nurture them. The choices are progressive contact lenses overnight, fortnightly and monthly. Their choice should be tailored to the needs and preferences of the wearer person, but you should consult a doctor.

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