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Quarterly contact lenses

Quarterly contact lenses are intended for use for 90 days. Their structure is slightly different than lenses biweekly or monthly, as they must be more durable and not deformed by 3 months (but still are just as soft and comfortable to wear). Long usefulness of quarterly lens is certainly a great advantage for people who have trouble remembering regular purchasing a new pair of lenses, which can actually be quite confusing, for example in the case of one-day lenses. It is also saves, as in most cases buying lenses quarterly associated with less expenditure than the use of shorter duration of use.  

With the use of quarterly lenses need very diligently to take care of their hygiene, so they are intended for those responsible and conscientious, for which daily cleaning isn’t a problem. This is very important because at this time the use of protein sediments and other pollutants can be dangerous for the eyes, as well as affect the quality of vision, worsening them. Only proper hygiene ensures that the lens actually be flawlessly fulfill their role for 90 days, otherwise the time may be shortened and will need to be faster exchange.

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