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Yearly contact lenses

Yearly contact lenses certainly are not as popular as those with less time wear. This is due first and foremost the fact that such a long period of use is for the eyes potentially dangerous since it requires a very accurate lens care that due to deposits of proteins and present on their surface contamination there has been no development of infection, inflammation or other disorders . Using the lens with a shorter time to wear is so convenient and manufacturers are moving away from producing annual lenses.   They are now dedicated mainly to people with unusual defects, such as a particularly severe astigmatism, and are made to order. Such a long period of use requires that the lenses were particularly resistant to mechanical stress, for example when removing and installing or cleaning, as well as to ensure constantly the same high visual comfort. Despite their resilience and strength of the material from which they are made, it provides the convenience of using the same as in the case of lenses with shorter usefulness so do not fear any sense of discomfort.

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