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Regardless of the type worn lenses, contact lens solution is a necessary accessory, in which anyone who wears lenses, you should obtain. This even daily disposable lens users, since even in the case it may happen that it will be necessary to remove and wash the lens, for example, upon contact with water while swimming in a lake. However, in the case of long lenses use a good selection of fluid is necessary to keep them (and eyes!) in good condition. The solution for removing microorganisms and deposits lipid on the surface of the lens - required only a matter of time instance allergies, ocular infections, or inflammation. Using the poor quality of the solution and can therefore also translate into visual comfort, particularly for lenses which have a longer life.  


On the market there are solutions to soft lenses and hard for this, however, does not end the divisions because they can be distinguished even liquid two-stage, single and oxidative. Most are single-stage multi-functional fluids, which have components cleaning, disinfecting and moisturizing the lens and at the same time serve to store them.

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Would always return to buy my lenses here, amazing service!
I have used Mylenshop for a few years now. Service is always good and Customer service is really good (only had to use it once). Lenses are really good and prices are competitive. I had recommended it to my friends and will do so in the future.
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