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Biofinity 3pcs.

  • For a monthly contact lens Biofinity recommend: nursing solution lens EYEYE I-Comfort and eye drops and lenses EYEYE HYDRACLAIR.
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Product details

Biofinity is compatible with easyvision Monthly Opteyes prescriptions.

An excellent choice for near-sighted or farsighted vision correction, Biofinity (Comfilcon A) contact lenses are a premium product from CooperVision, one of the most leading and trusted manufacturers of contacts.

Made using patented Aquaform technology, these lenses are designed to provide optimum oxygen to your eyes and keep them moist even when worn for long hours. Also, additional surface treatments and wetting agents are unnecessary, which make the lenses ideal for those with sensitive eyes. Unlike conventional lenses that either have high oxygen permeability and low water content or vice versa, Biofinity contact lenses are a perfect combination of both. Thanks to the revolutionary, naturally breathable, soft lens material, you can enjoy both unparalleled comfort all day long as well as clear, white and healthy eyes.

In addition, the aspheric front surface of the Biofinity contact lenses offer increased depth of focus and outstanding image resolution, promising unmatched crystal clear vision. Renowned as luxurious extended wear, these refreshingly unique silicone hydrogel contact lenses can be worn for up to 7 nights in a row, without discomfort. However, it is recommended that you do need to be evaluated by your optician before opting for extended wear. Since these monthly wear contact lenses are absolutely easy to handle, they are best suited to anyone who leads a busy lifestyle and travels often.

Biofinity are sold as Private Label: iWear XR Supreme, Eyeoxy Duality, Superlens Premier, UltraFlex Premier, Profit (Pro-Fit) Premier, I-oxys Premier, Medivue Premier, Mediflex Premier, Vision Premier.

Tech specs
Lens type
Spherical lens
Expiration date

Minimum expiry date.

18 months from date of purchase

The maximum time of wearing lenses, after which you need to replace them.


Lens intended to be worn daily or extended wear schedule for a period of 30 days.

Wearing schedule

Lenses wear for a few dozen hours a day. Removing it while you sleep.

Extended Wear

Lenses can be worn without removing it. All the time (during the life span, see Modality), day and night, even during sleep. After the end of the life span lenses must be replaced.

Box size

The same power.

3 pcs.
Power (PWR/SPH)
-6,50D to -12,00D (0,50D step)
-0,25D to -6,00D (0,25D step)
+0,25D to +6,00D (0,25D step)
+6,50D to +8,00 (0,50D step)
Base Curve (BC)
Diameter (DIA)
14,00 mm
Oxygen permeability (Dk/t)

It indicates the amount of oxygen which passes through the lens. The oxygen permeability is an key indicator of the lens material. It determines how much oxygen (which is necessary for proper performance) receives a cornea of our eyes. The higher the value, the better. Dk/t is common used and it states:  the Dk per thickness of the lens. Usually for a lens at -3.00D, which makes it easier to compare different lenses brands. Ranges from 10-20 Dk/t to over 170 Dk/t.

Water content
Comfilcon A

Users reviews

The best contact lenses. They very good drop oxygen permeability. An eyes don't dry out during the day. I don't use eyes tears with this contact lenses Biofinity.
Pavel, Moscow
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