ColourVue Crazy Lens 2pcs

  • For color contact lenses Crazy Lens ColourVue recommend: Care solution ReNu lens and eye drops and lenses ReNu Drops.
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Product details

ColourVue Crazy Lens with a capacity of 0.0 (plano) created specifically for people who like to surprise others with their appearance or who prefer a more unconventional style. Impress others with your crazy eyes!

How to wear it: on a daily basis for a year. Not more than 3 months of continuous wear.

ColourVue Crazy Lens offers 75 interesting patterns irises, which certainly will make a big impression on others. They are simply indispensable for various types of events, carnival balls or New Year's Eve. The rich range of colors and designs to find the appropriate lens for virtually every person and every kind of disguise. Designed for light and dark eyes.

These colored contact lenses new generation. Their production uses state of the art hydrogel material (terpolymer) which prevents irritation and corneal oxygen is passed twice more popular than the other color lenses. Lenses Crazy Lens ColourVue provide excellent wearing comfort.

ColourVue Lenses Crazy Lens are created using a special technology of applying color to the lens, which provides very good visibility of color on the eye and simple, evocative effect.

Some models ClorurVue lenses Crazy Lens are also with the powers of negative (quarterly): Crazy Lens RX (of powers) 2p.

Tech specs
Lens type
Coloured lens
Expiration date

Minimum expiry date.

18 months from date of purchase

The maximum time of wearing lenses, after which you need to replace them.

Wearing schedule

Lenses wear for a few dozen hours a day. Removing it while you sleep.

Box size

The same power.

2 pcs.
Power (PWR/SPH)
0,00 (plano)
Base Curve (BC)
Diameter (DIA)
14,00 mm
Water content
Hydrogel Terpolymer

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