ColourVue Elegance 2pcs.

  • For color contact lenses ColourVue Elegance recommend: Care solution ReNu lens and eye drops and lenses ReNu Drops.
14,00 €
/ box incl. VAT + excl. Shipping costs
2 € pts
Approximate day of shipment: 2019-11-26

Product details

ColourVue Elegance is for people who occasionally like to change their appearance. Let the people see you differently!

How to use them: a daily basis by quarter.

ColourVue Elegance is a complementary part of your makeup. Brilliant shades and appealing black color penetrating through the main color lenses will add you and your eyes formation. Choose from six stylish colors - regardless of work or play. ColourVue Elegance is suitable to change the color of dark and bright eyes. The best results are obtained when the irises with bright colors.

ColourVue Elegance is a brand new solution in the colored contact lenses. They formed using the innovative hydrogel material Terpolymeru, supplying more oxygen eyes and to protect the cornea from injury. Thanks to its groundbreaking structure of the material comfort of wearing lenses ColourVue Elegance is very high even by the day.

Lenses ColourVue Elegance 15mm are produced using an innovative method of cutting (Lathe Cut) and placing colors in three layers, which protects the eyes from direct contact with the eye color. Guarantee a safe wearing and excellent visibility of color on the eye.

Tech specs
Lens type
Coloured lens
Expiration date

Minimum expiry date.

18 months from date of purchase

The maximum time of wearing lenses, after which you need to replace them.

Wearing schedule

Lenses wear for a few dozen hours a day. Removing it while you sleep.

Box size

The same power.

2 pcs.
Power (PWR/SPH)
-0,50D to -5,00D (0,25D step)
-5,50D to -8,00D (0,50D step)
Base Curve (BC)
Diameter (DIA)
14,00 mm
Water content
Hydrogel Terpolymer

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