Eyeye All in One 100 ml

  • Ideal solution capacity to travel, you can pack it to your plane hand luggage.
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Product details

Eyeye All in One with pro-vitamin B5 is recommended for people who after a few hours of wearing the lenses begin to feel uncomfortable. Small handy packaging makes it ideal for traveling - you can bring as much liquid just how much we need.
Multi-purpose lens solution Eyeye All in One with pro-vitamin B5 is ideal for cleaning, removing protein deposits, rinsing, disinfecting, storing and wetting lenses. It can be used with all types of soft contact lenses.

Lens solution care Eyeye All in One with pro-vitamin B5 is the first one, which not only cleans the lens, but also nourishes the cornea. This solution has a unique System of Active Care Eye (Eye Responsive Care System, ERCS) which prevents drying, irritation and eye strain. In 40% of contact lens wearers cornea is exposed to minor damage. Provitamin B5 contained in the liquid is absorbed by the lens immersed therein, and then released into the eye and transformed into vitamin B5. As a result, there is a self-healing of damaged corneal epithelial cells.

Eye Responsive Care System is 4-6 times more effective than eye drops with pro-vitamin B5. It guarantees excellent protection, and strengthening eye care when wearing contact lenses, and allows you to wear them longer.

Eyeye All in One with pro-vitamin B5 thoroughly cleans and moisturizes lenses, while still being gentle on the eyes. Thanks to daily wear contact lens becomes more enjoyable. It's does not require mechanical rubbing of the lenses. It only takes four hours to keep your lenses are clean.


Composition: Polyhexanide 0.0001% Poloxamine 1% Hydraflex ™ 0.3% 1.5% Dexpanthenol.

Tech specs
Expiration date

Minimum expiry date.

12 months from date of purchase
Use within

Time (from opening), after which the solution will lose its properties and you need to open new bottle. 

90 days

Once you open the bottle.

Pack size
100 ml
Pack contains
Contact lens case
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