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Eyeye All in One with pro-vitamin B5 works perfectly in lens care of that after a short while wearing the lenses begin to feel uncomfortable.

Multifunctional solution Eyeye All in One with pro-vitamin B5 is recommended for the care of all types of soft contact lenses. Ideally cleans, removes deposits, disinfects and moisturizes lenses. It is also suitable for rinsing and storing contact lenses.

The first fluid that nourishes the cornea

In the absence of health care, pollution, dry air up to 40% of people using contact lenses are exposed to micro-damage to the cornea. Solution with pro-vitamin B5 iincluded is first lens solution, which allows not only to maintain the lenses clean, but also nourishes the cornea, eliminating the risk of irritation. The solution used an innovative system Active Eye Care (Eye Responsive Care System, ERCS), which effectively prevents dryness, irritation and eye strain. Lens located in the solution contained in it absorb provitamin B5, and after application release it to the eyes, where it is converted into vitamin B5. This allows the self-regeneration of the corneal epithelium.

4-6 times more effective than eye drops with pro-vitamin B5

Eye Responsive Care System operates from 4 to 6 times more effectively than conventional eye drops with pro-vitamin B5. The lenses can be worn longer and more comfortable, and the system ERCS at all times properly protects, nourishes and cares for the eyes.

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Tech specs
Expiration date

Minimum expiry date.

12 months from date of purchase
Use within

Time (from opening), after which the solution will lose its properties and you need to open new bottle. 

90 days

Once you open the bottle.

Pack size
500 ml
Pack contains
Contact lens case
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Very eficient and quickly, thank u
Helena, Vila Viçosa
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