Hyal-Drop Multi 10ml

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Hyal Multi-Drop recommended to people who appear to feel dry and tired eyes while wearing the lenses in extended mode (several hours per day).

Also recommended in the states of the tear deficiency (ie. Dry eye syndrome) manifested: a feeling of eye dryness, burning or eye fatigue. These symptoms may occur due to prolonged work at the computer, watching TV, dry air (heating or air conditioning), cigarette smoke, or taking certain medications.

Hyal Multi-Drop are designed to overcome the effects of eye irritation and humidification and refresh your eyes during the hours of lens wear. They can be used with soft and hard contact lenses.

The main component of the droplet is hyaluronic acid (polysaccharide), a substance that occurs naturally in tears. Its main function is to maintain or increase hydration by water-binding capacity. Our every move is supported by the hyaluronic acid that moisturizes our joints.

Drops Hyal Multi-Drop alleviate discomfort and give you the feeling that your eyes are always healthy and safe. They do not contain preservatives.

Ingredients: hyaluronic acid 2.4 mg / ml, without preservatives.

Tech specs
Expiration date

Minimum expiry date.

12 months from date of purchase
Used within

Time (from opening), after which the eye drops will lose their properties and you need to open new pack.

30 days

Once you open the bottle.

Pack size
10 ml
Pack contains
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